Assessing the Vulnerability and Risks of Adolescent Girls in Eastern and Southern Africa

23 July 2021: I recently wrote the executive summary and undertook substantial editing of the UNICEF report Assessing the Vulnerability and Risks of Adolescent Girls and Young Women in Eastern and Southern Africa, A review of the tools in use.

Adolescent girls and young women in eastern and southern Africa face serious challenges to fulfilling their sexual and reproductive health and rights, including vulnerability to HIV, sexually transmitted infections, and unintended and unsafe pregnancy. The adolescent birth rate in ESA is twice the global rate, at 92 births per 1,000 girls, and in 2020, estimates for ESA indicate that adolescent girls account for 27% of new HIV infections.

This new report aims to strengthen risk-informed programming and facilitate scale-up of simple and effective tools to identify and reach girls who are most in need of services and support.

An associated journal article has been published as part of a special issue in the Journal of Tropical Medicine titled Accelerating HIV Reductions among Adolescents and Young People by 2030.

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