Bridport Climate Forums engage in Dorset climate change response

6 December 2021: In November, over 40 representatives of organisations in Bridport, Dorset, UK, attended two Bridport Climate Forums, held in-person (in the Town Hall, pictured below) and online. The Forums were organised by two local environmental groups, Transition Town Bridport and Seeding our Future, with support and participation from the Town Council. I attended as a co-organiser and facilitator on behalf of Seeding our Future.

Along with most other local authorities in the UK, Bridport Town Council declared a Climate Emergency, in May 2019, and has produced a Bridport Town Council Climate Emergency Action Plan. The purpose of the Forums was for local community groups and voluntary organisations to explore what we can do in response to the climate crisis with our combined capacity, specifically how to widen local residents’ involvement.

You can read the event report here:

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