Human Rights Advocacy

Elizabeth has worked as a consultant in the human rights and development sectors for 17 years, contributing to human rights programming and policy making through her communications, writing, research, evaluation and project management skills:

UDHR 2Communications Support: An experienced communications professional, adept at packaging complex and diverse source material for different audiences and information channels. Read more

Programmatic Support: Working in an advisory role to organisations on publications, policy and programmatic work. Read more

Researcher, Writer: An experienced and versatile researcher, writer, editor, and proof-reader. Elizabeth conducts research for literature reviews, programme evaluations, mapping, case studies and lessons learned, and is trained in the Qualitative Impact Assessment Protocol (QuIP). Elizabeth’s key strengths include her attention to detail, making difficult subjects accessible and engaging, and her interviewing ability, from politicians and tribal elders to children. Read more

Multimedia: Elizabeth works in multi-media supporting the production of video, whiteboard animations, photography, cartoons and graphics, and scripts, with technical support from e.g. professional video editors. Read more

Project Management: A highly competent project manager, well known for her productivity, organisational skills and ability to engage and motivate stakeholders. Read more

Training and Speaking: A confident public speaker and media spokesperson; speech writer; runs training workshops and facilitates events and meetings. Read more

Liberty & Humanity

Photograph © Elizabeth Harrop for UNICEF 2015 South Sudan

“Elizabeth is a thorough and knowledgeable consultant whose passion coupled with dedication and drive ensure that work is delivered and changes that need to be made are implemented. Always working from a rights-based perspective, whilst acknowledging the in-field complexes and challenges, Elizabeth manages to present research findings in a way that encourages change, rather than further misunderstanding.

Her recommendations are robust and indisputable and the research she has undertaken will undoubtedly create lasting sustainable change because they are centered on the idea of children as the agents of change; whose rights must always be upheld.”
Anna-mai Estrella, Executive Director, Jubilee Action 

Photo: Children in Nepal. Elizabeth is working on Jubilee Action’s Children Affected by Human Trafficking for Exploitation Programme in Nepal.

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