Elizabeth brings creative skills to her role as writer and editor. She is an artist and poet and uses multimedia to support her work, such as:

Graphics and cartoons: conceptualising graphics and cartoons to illustrate reports and publications. Child-friendly writing and editing and associated graphics.

Whiteboard animations: producing illustrations and scripts for whiteboard animations.

Photography and Video: taking raw footage for processing with technical support from e.g. professional video editors. She also produces her own photography and videos in the field, which she edits herself.

See Elizabeth’s YouTube channel (left) with her videos from field visits to countries such as Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan and Zambia.

Read about Elizabeth’s other areas of work in human rights advocacy: Communications SupportProgrammatic Support; Research and Writing; Multimedia (this page); Project Management; Training and Speaking.

Examples of Elizabeth’s multimedia work

Liberty & Humanity

Photograph of priest in Amhara, Ethiopia © Elizabeth Harrop for UNICEF 2015