Research and Writing

An experienced and versatile researcher, writer, editor, and proof-reader. Elizabeth conducts research for literature reviews, programme evaluations, mapping, case studies and lessons learned, and is trained in the Qualitative Impact Assessment Protocol (QuIP). Elizabeth’s key strengths include her attention to detail, making difficult subjects accessible and engaging, and her interviewing ability, from politicians and tribal elders to children.

She has written on a wide range of human rights subjects, spanning academic journals, journalism, OpEds, analytical reports, creative writing, poetry, website copy, educational resources, media releases, speech writing, grant and proposal writing, and donor reporting.

Clients and interviewees have praised Elizabeth for her ability to put children and adults at ease as they tell her their rich and sometimes painful stories. Elizabeth is highly motivated by field research and meeting the people affected by the issues she works on.

Elizabeth is very creative in terms of artistic inputs, using multimedia and poetry to bring to life complex written materials and subjects. She is adept at coordinating inputs from multiple sources and encouraging participation when those concerned are extremely time pressured.

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Examples of Elizabeth’s published work

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Liberty & Humanity

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Article Library

Access Elizabeth’s library of articles on human rights subjects. Elizabeth has worked and written on issues including:

•Accountability to beneficiaries

•Birth registration


•Business and human rights

•Child abuse

Child marriage

•Child Protection research and system strengthening

•Child rights

•Child well-being

Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS)

•Climate change


•Death penalty


•Disaster Risk Reduction

•Early childhood development


•Environmental Education

•Endangered languages

Food sustainability



•Human trafficking for exploitation

•Humanitarian collaboration

Indigenous rights

Intercountry adoption

International human rights law

•Legal reform


Maternal and infant health

•Release and reintegration of children from armed groups

•Sex worker protection

Sexual exploitation

Sexualisation of women and children

Sexuality education



•Tribal justice

Violence against Women and Children

War propaganda

Women’s rights