Research and evaluation

An experienced and versatile researcher and evaluator, Elizabeth conducts national, regional and global programme evaluations; literature reviews; mappings; case studies; and lessons learned. Elizabeth’s key strengths include her technical knowledge, attention to detail; synthesising vast amounts of information from multiple desk and interviewee sources; drawing out key lessons and recommendations, including through creating graphics to illustrate data stories; and her interviewing ability, from politicians and tribal elders to children.

Research examples:

  • 2021: External Evaluators Roster, International Medical Corps.
  • 2021: Technical evaluator of UK Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) UK Aid Match and UK Aid Direct Project Completion Reports, for programmes by e.g. Anti-Slavery International in Nepal; Hope and Homes for Children in Rwanda and Uganda; War Child UK in Central African Republic.
  • 2021: Evidence Summary Deputy, global evaluation of WFP’s COVID-19 response, under the leadership of the world leading developmental evaluator Michael Quinn Patton. Literature review and key informant interviews; analysis; facilitator for three-day hybrid zoom/in-person evaluation workshop; support to final report production including designing graphics.
  • 2020-2021: Gender, C4D and social protection adviser for Real-Time Assessment of UNICEF’s ongoing response to COVID-19 in Eastern and Southern Africa.
  • 2020: Author of South Sudan Situation Analysis (SitAn) of Children and Women for UNICEF South Sudan including literature review and focus group discussions with key stakeholders including government, partners, persons with disabilities and children, and synthesising inputs from multiple stakeholders.
  • 2020: Synthesis of Evidence from UNICEF South Sudan Evaluations (2018–2019), UNICEF
  • 2020: Report on COVID-19 in Africa for UNICEF New York Headquarters (NYHQ) including key informant interviews and desk review, analysis and write-up.
  • 2020: Researcher and report co-author for synthesis of evidence and lessons from WFP’s policy evaluations (2011-2019).
  • 2019: Team member for the global evaluation of UNICEF’s Gender Action Plan, led by NYHQ. Field research in Bangladesh, Colombia and Ghana; extensive literature review; analysis and write-up.
Liberty & Humanity

“Elizabeth was a joy to work with and I cannot recommend her enough. She has a great mind and is very self-motivated and energetic, suggesting ideas without being asked. Alongside producing  a well-researched and strong Return on Investment section for the report, Shadow City: Exposing Human Trafficking in Everyday Londonher  suggestions for the report’s content displayed both her depth of knowledge, as well as her creativity and imagination.

“She was also efficient, flexible and supportive – the project’s dynamic nature meant that this was  a challenging assignment to work on, but Elizabeth was continually easy-going, wonderfully positive, and highly organised. She was therefore a delightful person to work with and someone I could absolutely rely on.”

Tamara Barnett, Senior Researcher – Safety, Crime and Policing, London Assembly Conservative Group, Greater London Authority

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