Technical writing

Elizabeth is an experienced and sought-after technical author, and has written on a wide range of development and humanitarian subjects. Publication types with examples include:

  • Policy briefs: E.g., budget briefs to support public finance for children, and briefing paper on social and emotional learning and skills in primary education;
  • Case studies and lessons learned: E.g., on real-time monitoring of localized data in health and nutrition, and the humanitarian response to Cyclone Idai;
  • Human interest stories: E.g., on individuals campaigning to end child marriage in Amhara, Ethiopia.
  • Situation Analyses (SitAns): E.g., on women and children in South Sudan;
  • Research papers and research paper summaries: E.g., on COVID-19 in Africa, and 30 years of the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child. This may include lifting a dense, inaccessible research publication and adding a user-friendly executive summary.
  • Literature reviews: E.g., to support an evaluation or policy evidence base, such as on girls in conflict with the law in Uganda;
  • Evaluation reports: E.g., on the African Union campaign to end child marriage in Africa, and a synthesis of UNICEF gender programmatic reviews in Eastern and Southern Africa.
  • Government roadmaps and policy summaries: E.g., on child marriage for the Government of Ethiopia, and justice for children for the Government of Ghana.
  • Programmatic briefs and pocket guides: E.g., on gender integration in UNICEF programming.
  • Opinion Pieces and Speeches: E.g., on civil registration in Africa.
  • Toolkits: E.g., a communications toolkit on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) national VAC surveys.
  • Poetry.

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Liberty & Humanity

“I was consistently impressed by Elizabeth’s creativeness and accuracy, as well as her overall professionalism. She is a pleasure to work with.”

Mark Lattimer, Communications Director, Amnesty International UK

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