Synthesis of Evidence and Lessons from WFP’s Policy Evaluations (2011-2019)

21 July 2020: I was part of a team conducting a synthesis of World Food Programme (WFP) policy evaluations. The report brings together evidence and lessons to inform ongoing consideration of the WFP policy cycle and function.

Syntheses are issued to respond to a growing interest in and demand for succinct and actionable analysis drawing from completed evaluations. This synthesis comprises all the nine policy evaluations conducted between 2011 and 2019 (see table).

The objectives of the synthesis were to:

  • identify common themes and systemic issues relating to policy formulation and implementation;
  • analyze factors that have supported and constrained effective policy-making and implementation;
  • reflect on how effectively WFP has responded to and used policy evaluations to improve results;
  • assess to what extent WFP has applied the learning generated through policy evaluations.

Read the full synthesis and a summary.

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