The conflict in South Sudan: Lessons from a manmade emergency

conference talk 230 March 2016: I recently spoke at the Disasters and Development conference at Bath Spa university with a talk entitled The conflict in South Sudan: Lessons from a manmade emergency.

My talk drew on experiences from my recent visits to South Sudan and Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya, covering subjects such as:


  • Kakuma: Emergency response to development crisis
  • The Turkana host community
  • A new vision for Kakumafrom the UNHCR


  • Child Marriage and Emergencies
  • Release & reintegration of girls from armed groups
  • Pibor, South Sudan: From pastoralism to agriculture

As a follow-up from the conference, I am writing an article on Inequalities in Aid Spending, having been inspired by some student research … more on that soon.



Print“Elizabeth’s contribution to the conference was immensely valuable, reflecting her wealth of practical experience and knowledge. The students really connected with the topic and her engaging style of delivery and many gained considerably from the opportunity to chat informally with her during the event.”
Dr Rebecca Schaaf, Subject Leader: Geography, Bath Spa University, UK



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