Motherhood: a labour of love, a career of choice

MotherhoodThe non-economic contribution of motherhood should be valued as highly as paid work. Instead, Western society sees motherhood as a cop-out, with mothers viewed as dependent leeches within a social framework obsessed with consumerism, corporations and financial wealth.

When given the right support and encouragement, for example to breastfeed and take extended maternity leave, mothers can feel honoured in investing in the job of mothering, in creating tomorrow’s citizens and impacting positively on the economy. Their children become citizens with good mental and physical health, and empathy, which add to the balance sheet of both life and economics.

Please see my article Women’s work invisible on the balance sheet of global economics.

Motherhood however is choice not destiny, despite the huge cultural and social pressure to have children. Remaining childless is often condemned as selfish, rather than being seen as selfless, when for example seen through the lens of environmental sustainability.

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