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Boys in AmharaIn this section you can find articles and resources on subjects such as humanitarian aid, positive psychology, the death penalty, and see Elizabeth’s gallery of her art work.

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Please see Elizabeth’s writing on other themes below, to read more:

  • May 2016: Humanitarian Aid: Neocolonialism & national interest: The politics & inequalities of Foreign Aid. Challenging the narrative of the generous but at-risk benefactor West, and a developing South which is lucky to have humanitarian and development assistance.
  • conference talk 2March 2016 Humanitarian Aid: Speaker at Development and Disasters Conference, Bath Spa University. The conflict in South Sudan: Lessons from a man made emergency.
  • 2011-2013 Humanitarian Aid: Copywriting and editing for the Emergency Capacity Building (ECB) Project newsletter on subjects including Joint Needs Assessment approaches to emergency responses in Indonesia, and the launch of a Cluster Accountability Initiative.
  • June 2012 Humanitarian Aid: Consolidating editorial feedback and inputting to a guide on humanitarian collaboration What We Know About Collaboration: the ECB Country Consortium Experience
  • accountability poster2012 Humanitarian Aid: Copywriting a series of leaflets and posters and website content for the ECBinter-active humanitarian conference series, on subjects including Accountability and Impact Measurement (pictured), Emergency Simulations, and Staff Capacity Building.
  • April 2012 Animal WelfareAs dog rescue kennels face crisis, foster, save a life & transform your own. Dog rescue centres are in crisis with too many dogs, not enough kennel spaces or permanent  onward homes, and many healthy beautiful animals being put to sleep as a result. In some cases this foster place literally saves a dog’s life and could transform yours.

  • September 2011 Death PenaltyTroy Davis: a likely innocent man murdered, but his killer walks free. Why did Troy Davis, MacPhail’s alleged killer, get a death sentence, while the killer of Troy Davis got a government pay check for a job well done.
  • October 2009 Positive PsychologyIf you’re happy and you know it keep it that way. “The Happiness Project”, headed by academic Alison Ogier-Price, explores how we can motivate ourselves towards long term happiness by using strategies such as gratitude and savouring, amongst others.
  • May 2002 Human Rights and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs): Human rights and the distribution of information. According to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), our world is undergoing a technological revolution, perhaps the greatest that humanity has ever experienced. The challenge for the United Nations and other human rights advocates is to ensure this revolution does not just benefit governments and corporations, leaving civil society in the rubble of digital marginalisation and restricted freedoms.
  • Elizabeth’s Art Gallery showcasing her artwork.
  • Mummy’s Guide to Life a hand-painted book written by Elizabeth for her daughter.
Liberty & Humanity

Elizabeth is an artist in her spare time. Angel watercolour above. See other pieces of artwork in Elizabeth’s art gallery.

Splodge, Caran D'ache, Elizabeth Willmott-Harrop

Splodge, Caran D’ache, Elizabeth Willmott-Harrop