Elizabeth’s Art Gallery

Elizabeth is an artist producing work in a range of materials, from textile dying to watercolours and jewellery. In theory they are for sale, but in reality they get given away to friends, or are kept by Elizabeth for sentimental reasons!

See Elizabeth’s book, written and hand-painted for her daughter: Mummy’s Guide to Life and her illustrations for UNICEF Ghana.

Liberty & Humanity

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Editing and cartoons for UNICEF Ghana

The Government of Ghana with support from UNICEF commissioned a national baseline study on child protection and produced a new Child and Family Welfare Policy based on the findings.

I recently copywrote a reader friendly version of the research and a brief flyer for both the policy and the research.

As part of the writing and editing project I was asked to conceptualise illustrations to demonstrate key points in both documents.

2. Policy short 3 areas