Women’s Rights and Gender

Violence against women and girls is not confined to a specific culture or peoples, but affects every country in the world:

  • In the UAE marital rape is legal;
  • In Burundi rape victims are forced to marry their perpetrators;
  • In the Maldives (child) survivors of rape are treated as criminals – a 15 year old girl was convicted of ‘fornication’ after being raped by her stepfather.
  • In England and Wales two women are killed every week as a result of domestic violence.

According to the United Nations, the cost of intimate partner violence in the United States exceeds US $5.8 billion per year in direct medical and health care services, and productivity losses.

Violence against women is a result of unequal power relations between men and women and persistent discrimination, which affects every part of a women’s life, from lower literacy rates to an increased vulnerability to HIV.

Elizabeth has worked and written on a wide range of gender issues including child marriage, tribal justice, birth registration, and female perpetrated child abuse.

Please see Elizabeth’s writing on women’s rights below. Please see other women’s rights articles in the sections on child rights, the trafficking of women and children, maternal and infant health, and the sexualisation of women and children.

Liberty & Humanity

Principles of global accounting completely disregard the value of women, and the unpaid work of child rearing, maintaining homes and building communities. Read more.