Video on Education for Children with Disabilities in Rwanda

C4C-video-thumbnail-300x1941 June 2015: I visited Rwanda in January 2015 to conduct a mid-term evaluation of Chance for Childhood’s Education, Equality and Empowerment (EEE) Project, and produced a film about the project while I was there.

I love the way Chance for Childhood reframes disability: “A childhood should not be defined by disability, instead we believe in ‪#‎thisability‬“.

This is the first time I have made a video from start to finish myself – from all the footage to editing the final product. I really enjoyed the whole process. You can watch the full length video (20 minutes) and shorter versions will also soon be on Chance for Childhood’s YouTube page covering three areas of:

  • Learning Support Assistants for children with disabilities;
  • School Clubs for disability advocacy;
  • Fighting Stigma in local communities.

Please also read more about the project and my visit and see other videos on my YouTube channel.

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